Das Album der Woche: Blood Red Shoes – Tied At The Wrist: Early Recordings

29. November 2015 

Unser Album der Woche (KW 49) Rezensiert von Sören Heuer “I think we’ve just learned a lot in all the years and there are things about the third album that we really tried to experiment with, [...] when it comes the fourth one we learned a lot from that but also we looked back on our first album and why people really like that one – because [...] a lot of people say “Oh we really love your first album”. [...] I’ve listend to our first... Weiterlesen...



Mensaplan für Mittwoch (02.12)

01. Dezember 2015 

Mensa am Aasee Menü I “Moussaka” – Arabischer Kartoffel-Gemüse-Auflauf veg. Menü II gebratenes Tilapia an Dillsauce Menü III Rindergulasch in Rotwein-Gemüsesauce Aktion Wok Schweinshaxe, Zwiebelpüree, Weinsauerkraut Mensa am Ring Menü I vegetarische Bolognese mit Gabelspaghetti Menü II Seelachsfilet “Thai” mit Gemüse-Currysauce Menü III mariniertes... Weiterlesen...

Festivalsaison 2015

Q goes Europe


20:55  Baaba Maal - * Fulani Rock
20:48  AVEC - Granny
20:45  Hinds - San Diego
20:42  Beduin Soundclash -
20:35  Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better

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